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New Blog and New Artbook in the Works

What's up everyone? Welcome to my blog where I will try to combine the funnel of people who follow me on various social media platforms like my two Instagram pages and possibly Facebook. Trying to manage two different pages by myself is a lot considering they are to completely different audiences. But maybe they aren't, which is why I want my website to be a convergence of these audiences and the projects that I want to work on. That being said, I think I can at least begin to lay some things down about projects to look out for from me.

Panel from a page of The Suicide Queen

I don't know if you follow my Instagram page @xavierrobbinsart; but if you have for a while, there is a project that has been on my plate for about a year now called The Suicide Queen. Its a creator owned project that came about from some sketches in my sketchbook. I will talk more about that in a future post, but it has taken some time to develop. I'm a one man team, and I also have stayed at home with my kids for the past 4 years. So needless to say, time isn't always at a premium to work on these things. I actually have worked on it a lot and have things to show but the presentation has to be sorted out to a degree.

Format of the sections of the artbook. A couple of models with their title pages and subsequent artwork

The next project I wanted to put out there is an artbook of figurative works featuring a selection of models. The title hasn't been figured out yet, but I'm about 25 pages deep into it. The goal of this book is to have 5 models with sections of 20 pages each for each model. That would be about 100 pages deep give or take. I may add one more model to the mix, but that's going to be a time decision. In any case as you can see, there's a slight preview of what I'm considering in terms of format. There may also be process pages included as well, but again that's a matter of if I have the time.

Additional model title pages

So that's where I'm at everyone. There's things I want to get out there, and I am constantly thinking and assessing how to go about this given certain limitations on my time and quite honestly budget. Stay tuned to my social spaces and this page for more updates and maybe other content like videos and what not that could be interesting to you. Hope you have a great day and until the next post....


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